The Copyright Letterbox Drop

This is the home page for a campaign to inform the Australian electorate about issues surrounding the extension of copyright. The campaign aims to set up an Australia wide network of volunteers, capable of delivering information to voter's letterboxes.

How It Works

  1. Use the Letterbox Coverage Tracker to select which region you wish to cover. Covering one letterbox is better than none.
  2. Material to be delivered is written on the discussion mailing lists. It is optional to be involved in this process.
  3. Material is posted to the 'distribution' mailing list, which gets delivered to everyone.
  4. Each person prints enough copies, at their own expense, to cover the letterboxes in their region.
  5. Each person deliveres their copies to their region.
  6. Australia is a more aware and less apathetic place.

Note that if you disagree with the contents of a delivery you can choose not to paricipate in that delivery. In this case, please abide by the etiquette.

Some Draft Documents


The campaign started on 9th February 2004 with a post to slashdot by John Dalton. Enough interest was generated to warrant the setting up of a mailing list. The first copy of this website was also written at that time.

Copyright John Dalton, 23rd February 2004

This page is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License